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Shoreline has been the Prime Contractor for the State of Connecticut, DEEP/IWRD for over thirty years.  Shoreline has the emergency contract with DEEP and has completed dam inspections for DEEP all over the State of CT.

Dam Inspections along side DEEP after the April flooding of 2012 that caused major damage in South Eastern Connecticut.  This rain event caused major concerns with DEEP about over topping at various dams in CT.  Shoreline (with assistance from DEEP engineers and dam inspectors) completed these inspections during high run off in the rivers.  This was necessary to insure the spillways and the “toe” were in good condition.  Shoreline was also requested by various towns to complete inspections on town owned bridges in Connecticut.

With Shoreline’s reports, the owners of dams and bridges were able to access the damages and create repair plans/contracts for future repairs.  These results were presented to the Army Corp. and were used to apply for grants for the repairs projects.

Shoreline was all tasked to inspect various bulkheads and shoreline facilities for storm damage after Hurricane Sandy and Super Storm Irene.